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Copperhaus Design Studio owes all of its success to its founder Penny. As a little girl, Penny wanted to be a secretary. Her love of design started at an early age- with a first love of office supply items - organizers, file folders and random accessories - and of course, all of the colors and designs they came in. In her teen years, she loved fashion. She wanted to be a clothing buyer for Nordstrom. As she looks back, she can see how design was always a part of her soul.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and she has helped her award winning design team create beautiful homes and commercial buildings. Design continues to feed her soul–and she loves to bring that love and passion into each and every project with her clients. She loves helping to meet her clients' needs; when design, style, form and function flow together in a plan - people thrive! She takes much satisfaction from creating beautiful and visionary environments in which people, families, and businesses can thrive and live.

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